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Woppert's Weed Control & Fertilizing LLC Services

Application Description

Application 1 - Crabgrass Pre-emergent and fertilizer to promote green up and growth.  Applied in the early spring. Prevents crabgrass for 70-90 days depending on weather.

Application 2 - Broadleaf weed control and fertilizer.  This will kill any weed listed on the product label that is visible to us on the day of the application. Applied in late spring.

Application 3 - Fertilizer application. Spot treat for any weed breakouts or crabgrass if a 5-step package was purchased. 

Application 4 - Broadleaf summer weed killer and fertilizer.  This kills the harder to control summer weeds like creeping Charlie and wild violets.  Applied in later summer.

Application 5 - Winterizer application of fertilizer.  If weeds are or present they are treated. Applied in fall.  

ALL fertilizer applications are granular and ALL herbicide applications are liquid. 

Fertilizer/Weed control Packages

UltimateSoil test, 5 step fertilizer and weed control applications, Grub Prevention application (lasts 10wks), 6 Mosquito control treatments. 

Gold4 step weed control & fertilizing, Grub Prevention (Lasts 10wks), 5 Mosquito Control applications.

Silver3-step weed control & fertilizing applications, 5 Mosquito control applications.

Bronze3-step fertilizer applications. 3 Mosquito applications just before 3 major holidays.

The more times we visit your property the better we will control your weeds.  All services are priced based on square footage of area treated.

Cultural Practices

These are services that should be done yearly and often have a greater impact on over all turf health than fertilizer.  All services are priced based on square footage of area treated.

Turf Consultation

Looking to go at it alone? We will help you every step of the way and beyond.  Kris will walk you through everything you need to get your lawn looking its best. Pricing based on needs and expectations. 

Insect Control

Grub Prevention- Single application of a product that last 10 weeks and controls grubs at various stages during their lifecycle. 

Curative Grub Control- Application of a product that will control white grubs after damage has occurred.  

Ant control-Quick Kill and Long Lasting options are available to control ants.  All services are priced based on square footage of area treated.

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