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Woppert's Weed Control & Fertilizing LLC Services


Aeration benefits: Promotes healthy, strong and drought/disease fighting grass.

  1. Reduces compaction in the soil.

  2. Reduces thatch in the soil 30% better than surface scraping.

  3. Provides a space for roots to grow in.

  4. Allow a space for air, water and nutrients to build up. 

  5. Allows use to seed if a shallow hole is punched and not the standard 3.5in core.


  1. Aerate area to be seeded 2 times with shallow ½ inch holes.  Wherever a hole is a tuft of grass will grow out of it.

  2. Spread seed at 5lbs/1000.  The seed will fall into the hole. The stuff on the top is not what I want to grow as much.  Great if it does but most of what doesn’t get into the ground will be eaten by the birds in the area. FYI most new lawns are established seeding at 1-3lbs/1000 sq ft.  We do 5lbs for an overseeding.

  3. Spread starter fertilizer at 1lbs of N per 1000sq ft.

  4. Leave detailed information/instructions on how to care for the new seed going forward.  Train and instruct you on how a lawn will react and grow.  

Overseeding is a large commitment on your part to make it successful.  It’s up to you and mother nature to get the seed to grow,  I can teach you and get the seed in the ground for you.  The rest is up to you. Using this method will replace your lawn to a new species in 5-6 years if done correctly and every season. 

Fertilizer/Weed control Packages

UltimateSoil test, 5 step fertilizer and weed control applications, Grub Prevention application (lasts 10wks), 6 Mosquito control treatments. 

Gold4 step weed control & fertilizing, Grub Prevention (Lasts 10wks), 5 Mosquito Control applications.

Silver3-step weed control & fertilizing applications, 5 Mosquito control applications.

Bronze3-step fertilizer applications. 3 Mosquito applications just before 3 major holidays.

The more times we visit your property the better we will control your weeds.  All services are priced based on square footage of area treated.

Turf Consultation

Looking to go at it alone? We will help you every step of the way and beyond.  Kris will walk you through everything you need to get your lawn looking its best. Pricing based on needs and expectations. 

Insect Control

Grub Prevention- Single application of a product that last 10 weeks and controls grubs at various stages during their lifecycle. 

Curative Grub Control- Application of a product that will control white grubs after damage has occurred.  

Ant control-Quick Kill and Long Lasting options are available to control ants.  All services are priced based on square footage of area treated.

Services: Services
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