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Aeration/Overseeding Season

  • 3.5in holes are punched into the soil and a core is removed and left on the surface.

  • Pricing starts at $10/1000sq ft

  • Overseeding-.5in holes are punched, seed of your choice is spread and starter fertilizer is applied. Where ever there is a hole a tuft of grass will grow out of.  This is perfect for lawns needing to be "thickened" up.

  • Sign up for an estimate here.

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About Us

Your local, family owned and trusted Fertilizing And Weed Control Company. We provide weed control and fertilizing services to Waukesha, Mukwonago and the surrounding area.

With over 25 years in the green industry and 18 years as a golf course superintendent Kris and WWCF have the knowledge and expertise to get your lawn looking perfect.  Through our teamwork with our customers we have provided the best service and results one could ask for.

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Client Feedback

A Reputation for Excellence

"The owner of WWCF is very responsive and understanding. He worked with me on a variety of lawn care projects and always put my needs first. WWCF is affordable and has great customer service. Would recommend this local business to anyone in the Mukwonago area."

Mary P.

"We’ve been using Kris and Woppert's Weed Control & Fertilizing for 3 seasons and he is great. Our backyard was seeded after a pool install and needed some help! The improvement over the seasons is remarkable. Communication is great, payment is simple and they are always professional. Would highly recommend."

Jessie K.

"We called Kris because our previous provider fell short of our expectations.  Kris was prompt and gave us an estimate and recommendations to help our lawn that same day.  It was nice having a face to face conversation with my lawn care provider instead of talking to someone 1,000 miles away. I highly recommend using WWCF."

Quinn D.

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Woppert's Weed Control & Fertilizing

What We Offer






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Wet grass

Lawn Fertilizing & Weed Control

Application 1: Pre-emergent Crabgrass control (lasts 70 days), food (fertilizer) for the grass.

Application 2: Broadleaf weed control and food (fertilizer) for the grass.

Application 3: Spot treat for summer weeds and crabgrass, food (fertilizer) for the grass.

Application 4: Summer weeds herbicide application with food (fertilizer) for the grass.

Application 5: Winterizer.  A high potash based fertilizer to prepare the lawn for the next spring and a quick recovery. 

ALL fertilizer applications are granular and ALL herbicide applications are liquid.

Organic options are available.  

Cultural Practices (Based on a soil test)

Lime - mineral used to raise soil pH.  Think of soil pH as the fork and knife the lawn needs to use the food we are giving it.  Unbalanced pH will show as brown thin lawn. 

Gypsum - Used as a natural aerifyier it flushes salts from the soil.  Often used to prevent or limit damage from sidewalk/street salt damage.  Damage often occurs on the edge of walks and boulevards where snow has been piled.

Sulfur - Used to lower pH in soils with high pH. High pH will show as a brown and thinning lawn over time. 


Turf Consultation (This service is billed hourly or as a single fee based service.)

Looking to go at it alone? We will help you every step of the way and beyond.  Kris will walk you through everything you need to get your lawn looking its best. Pricing based on needs and expectations. 


Platinum - 5-step fertilizer and weed control applications, Grub Prevention application (lasts 10wks), 6 Mosquito control treatments. 

Gold - 5-step weed control & fertilizing, Grub Prevention (Lasts 10wks), 5 Mosquito Control applications.

Silver4-step weed control & fertilizing applications, 4 Mosquito control applications.

Bronze3-step fertilizer applications. 3 Mosquito applications just before 3 major holidays.

See the service page for full description of each service. 

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